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1. ORGANIZER       

2.1. Advertising Agencies. 
2.2. Digital Agencies. 
2.3. Advertisers. 
2.4. Communication Media. 
2.5. Creative Studios. 
2.6. Designers. 
2.7. Production Companies. 
2.8. Directors. 
2.9. Media Centers. 
2.10. Communication Companies. 
2.11. Post-production Companies. 
2.12. Information Technology Companies. 
2.13. Photographers. 
2.14. Illustrators. 
2.15. Copywriters 
2.16. Consultants. 
2.17. Students.   

3. MARKETS       
Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.  

4.1. Formats. 
4.2. Innovation. 
4.3. Advertisements. 
4.4. Production.   

5. Jury 
5.1. The Juries comprise well-known professionals in the communication field elected by the festival representatives in each country and approved by FIAP. 
5.2. Jury Presidentsare appointed by FIAP. 
5.3. The Juries and/or the organization are entitled to subdivide or integrate categories, when the number of participants is in excess, or else when they do not reach the minimum that allows an assessment criterion. 
5.4. The Juries are entitled to make suggestions and recommendations to FIAP as long as they contribute to the advertising industry and its creative development. 
5.5. Any unforeseen situation regarding the grant award procedure shall be decided by the Juries, and such decision will befinal.     

6.1. Any and all participant upon registrationagrees to know and accept the conditions and requirements of these rules. The mere act of registering with FIAP means the acceptance of these rules, the power of the organizers and the Juries. 
6.2. Only the material entered by participants before the closing date reported by FIAP, and which has not been excluded by FIAP by breach of any of the clauses here in, is entitled to participate. 
6.3. Competing material must have been published or broadcast before the closing date of registration. 
6.4. No material registered in previous FIAP editions is authorized to compete herein. 6.5. Participation should be authorized by the Company that created the material or else, its advertiser. 
6.6. Upon enrolling, the participant hereby authorizes FIAP to use brands, promotions, products, leads, cartoon characters and photographic reproductions. The logotypes, formats, any image and design, name derivations, trademark, logotype, slogan, design, Company logotypes and other image and commercial features, are hereby included in this authorization, which shall be construed in a wide sense. 
6.7. All participating material is hereby incorporated to the FIAP file for its own purposes and objectives. 
6.8. FIAP is entitled to use the material registered for several purposes, such as promotion and advertising; presentations at educational institutions, business groups, communication professionals, and the audience in general; likewise, it is entitled to publish the awards in public and private media. 
6.9. The participant will hold FIAP harmless from any claim or legal action that might arise from the promotion, exhibition and/or use of the material. Any emerging conflict will be the exclusive responsibility of the participant. 
6.10. Winners hereby agree to use the correct name for the award received in any promotion or advertisement. 
6.11. Winners will be entitled to incorporate the festival’s logo in theirWebsite Home Page accrediting the award received, with a link to FIAP Website:www.fiapawards.com.
6.12. Material registered must comply with all regulations and ethical codes set out by the industry’s qualifying bodies. 
6.13. FIAP reserves the right of admission, as well as the interpretation and application of the ethical codes in force and the norms thereof. 
6.14. The information supplied by the participant must be true and accurate; any false statement will cause automatic disqualification thereof. 
6.15. In case of a grounded complaint in connection with any registration, FIAP shall be entitled to request an explanation to the person responsible. Until a clarification or resolution is met, such participation or award shall remainpending. 
6.16. No tie will be considered in first prizes. As well, it is hereby not accepted to individually award pieces competing in Campaigns categories or grant an individual prizeby grouping pieces competing in such condition. 
6.17. Any consideration not covered by these Rules shall be resolved by FIAP, and such decision will be final. 
6.18. Any controversy arising out of, or as a consequence of these Rules, including, the total or partial enforcement thereof, interpretation, scope, fulfillment, execution, or termination shall be eventually submitted to arbitrators appointed by FIAP, from the list of arbitrators of the Stock Exchange of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and under the norms and procedures in force for arbitrations approved by the Arbitration Court of the Stock Exchange of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, norms that the participants hereby agree to know and accept as a part hereto. Additionally, if the arbitrator deems it appropriate, UNIDROIT 2010 rules will apply. 

7.1. The deadline for delivering the material will be on August 11th 2017, without exceptions.   

8.1. FORMATS (it is not mere entertainment, but entertainment to make brands grow) 
1)   Programs or TV channels for Brands. 
2)   Programs or Radio Stations for Brands. 
3)   Feature Films for Brands. 
4)   Theatre Plays for Brands. 
5)   Political Content. 
6)   Product Placement. 
7)   Live Experience. 
8)   Music Content. 
9)   Advergaming. 
10) Mobile Content. 
11) Social Content. 
12) Real Time Content. 
13) Advertorial. 
14) Students.   
123) Broadcast media content promotion.*
126) PR Content.* 

8.2. INNOVATION (comprises the innovation expressions for Brands, outside the traditional formats). 
15) Television Innovation. 
16) Print Innovation. 
17) Radio Innovation. 
18) Outdoor Innovation. 
19) Internet Innovation. 
20) Events Innovation. 
21) Technology Innovation. 
22) Big data Innovation. 
23) Entertainment Innovation. 
24) Ambient Innovation. 
25) Mobile Innovation. 
26) Social Networks Innovation. 
27) Promotions Innovation. 
28) Activations Innovation. 
29) Direct Marketing Innovation. 
30) Politics Innovation. 
31) Students.
127) PR Innovation.*     

8.3. ADVERTISEMENTS (traditional categories, with which FIAP was born) 
32) Television / Cinema – Foods / Meals. 
33) Television / Cinema– Beverages (Alcoholic / Non-alcoholic).
34) Television / Cinema – Household Hygiene / Body Care / Beauty / Cosmetics /       Perfumery / Medicines and Pharmacy Articles. 
35) Television / Cinema – Home Appliances / Furniture / Electronics / Computers / Audio / Video. 
36) Television / Cinema – Clothing / Textile Industry. 
37) Television / Cinema – Automobiles. 
38) Television / Cinema – Banks / Financial Institutions. 
39) Television / Cinema – Public Welfare 
40) Television / Cinema – Corporate Image. 
41) Television / Cinema – Public Stores. 
42) Television / Cinema – Communication Media / Publications. 
43) Television / Cinema – Entertainment / Pleasure / Free Time. 
44) Television / Cinema – Transport / Travels / Tourism. 
45) Television / Cinema – Public and Private Services. 
46) Television / Cinema – Campaigns (Products / Services / Corporate). 
47) Television / Cinema – Public Welfare Campaigns. 
48) Television / Cinema – Miscellaneous. 
49) Television / Cinema – Low Budget. 
50) Print – Food / Meals. 
51) Print – (Alcoholic / Non-alcoholic).
52) Print – Household Hygiene / Body Care / Beauty / Cosmetics / Perfumery /       Medicines and Pharmacy Articles. 
53) Print – Home Appliances / Furniture / Electronics / Computers / Audio / Video. 
54) Print – Clothing / Textile Industry. 
55) Print – Automobiles. 
56) Print – Banks / Financial Institutions. 
57) Print – Public Welfare. 
58) Print – Corporate Image. 
59) Print – Public Stores. 
60) Print – Communication Media / Publications. 
61) Print – Entertainment / Pleasure / Free Time. 
62) Print – Transport / Travels / Tourism. 
63) Print – Public and Private Services. 
64) Print – Campaigns (Products / Services / Corporate). 
65) Print – Public Welfare Campaigns. 
66) Print – Miscellaneous. 
67) Radio – Foods / Meals. 
68) Radio – Beverages (Alcoholic / Non-alcoholic) 
69) Radio– Household Hygiene. Body Care / Beauty / Cosmetics / Perfumery /       Medicines and Pharmacy Articles. 
70) Radio – Home Appliances / Furniture / Electronics / Computers / Audio / Video. 
71) Radio– Clothing / Textile Industry. 
72) Radio – Automobiles. 
73) Radio– Banks / Financial Institutions. 
74) Radio – Public Welfare. 
75) Radio – Corporate Image. 
76) Radio – Public Stores. 
77) Radio – Communication Media / Publications. 
78) Radio – Entertainment / Pleasure / Free Time. 
79) Radio – Transport / Travels / Tourism. 
80) Radio – Public and Private Services. 
81) Radio – Campaigns (Products / Services / Corporate). 
82) Radio – Public Welfare Campaigns. 
83) Radio – Miscellaneous. 
84) Radio – Jingles / Score / Audio logotype. 
85) Outdoor – Institutional. 
86) Outdoor – Products. 
87) Outdoor – Services. 
88) Outdoor – Campaigns. 
89) Integral Campaigns – Campaigns developed for more than two disciplines of those mentioned above in these Rules (a maximum of five different disciplines). 
90) Effective Creativity – Products / Services / Corporate Image. 
91) Effective Creativity – Public Welfare. 
92) Effective Creativity – Results sustained in time: campaigns with sound results during three or more years. The last action, advertising material, activation, promotion or intervention should have been implemented within 24 months prior to the festival. The effectiveness has      to be proved throughout the term of the campaign. 
93) Effective Creativity – Cultural Contribution: products, services or institutional Campaigns that have contributed to the cultural heritage of a village or country, achieving its identification and promoting its restoration. In order to clarify the messages, campaigns, actions or interventions to be accepted in this category, some examples are herein quoted: “The Osborne Bull” (Brandy Veterano, Spain), “Juan Valdez” (Colombian Coffee), “Bombril“ (Brazil). 
94) Political Campaigns – Electoral Campaign. 
95) Political Campaigns – Best Government Campaign. 
96) Political Campaigns – Individual Piece (the Jury is entitled to subdivide the category according to the media used). 
97) Political Campaigns – Best claim. 
98) Political Campaigns – Interactive (includes Web actions, viral actions and social networks). 
 99) Design. 
100) Students.

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